Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How's it Going?

We're all over the board when it comes to working on our headwraps. I'm afraid I've been distracted by other projects (just like Emma Ravenclaw, it seems), and can't boast a lot of progress. That's certainly not true of some other people!

Ursula's gotten started, thanks to some prodding from Lavender and some help from a cable needle (great idea!)
Queen Frysia finished on Sunday! If you can't decide whether to keep it or give it away, there's plenty of time to start another one :-)
Penelope hopes that keeping her wraps loose will help things get started.
Ophelia has started her Ravenclaw-colored wrap.
Lavender has finished two wraps, one wide and one narrow. Wow!
Kaaelana had a really good time hanging out with the muggles, and will probably start knitting once her head stops hurting.
Ferula needs your opinion! Do you think her black yarn works well for this project?
Emma Kettleburn thinks her wrap might be too wide to wear. But it's striping so beautifully, Emma!
Emerald is getting beautiful stripes from her yarn - a quiz prize from our own Calliope.
Cressida has her yarn picked out, but can't start until this round of Dueling Club is over. Good luck!
Cassandra has finished a headband-length wrap. I know we're all looking forward to pictures!
Calliope has the beginnings of a wrap.
And we've added another member to our rolls - Belladonna Boomslang.

Keep on knitting - and sharing! I love seeing how all the different wraps are turning out. Think we'll cause a blip in the Ravelry statistics?


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Off and Knitting

Has everyone gotten started? No reason to worry if you haven't - this project seems to knit up quickly once you get going, and we have plenty of time before the next round of Quidditich.

Here's a quick update, with the progress reports I have:

Calliope has cast on, but may have trouble getting gauge.
We've been joined at the last minute by Cassandra Puddlemere.
Emerald has a question - see the post below this one.
Lavender has posted a picture of her yarn choices - I can't wait to find out which one she used!
Ophelia will have a two-colored wrap in Ravenclaw colors.
Penelope is unhappy with the way the stitch rearranging is going - can anyone jump in and help her?
Queen Frysia liked the pattern so much that she started early.
Rowena reports that she's finished 6-8 inches with her kind of scary yarn.
And I finished four pattern repeats yesterday, and I really love my yarn.

Don't forget to blog about your progress! D.A. points and a new headwrap - everyone wins this knitalong!


Friday, July 4, 2008

So Excited...

I'm so happy to see everyone who has joined our knit-a-long. YAY for house unity. I had a quick question.. are we to slip as to knit, or as to purl? I've been slipping as to purl.. and I'm not about to undo 4 pattern repeats and start over.. but I wondered if i might be doing it wrong? I'm using the hogwarts yarn I won from Calliope (photos on my blog) which is turning out awesome! I'll post a photo tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ready? Set? ...

Is everybody ready for the KAL? Yarn shopping finished? Needles sharpened and at the ready ;)? I can't wait for the KAL to start so I'd love to see photos of the yarns everyone will be using!

Check out what Calliope spun for the KAL here (love!). I bought 2 pretty yarns at my LYS but I'm not sure which to use (so I might knit two :) . Rowena is representing Ravenclaw with some gorgeous Ravie-colored yarn.

As Wisteria and Calli will tell you, I LUV photos :D Post a photo of your yarn to your blog and leave a comment with the URL so we can come visit. Two days and counting!

Monday, June 30, 2008

So Happy Together

I'm happy to announce that we've added a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw to our knit-along. Welcome!

At first, I'd planned to organize the participant rolls by House. But why do that? We're all unified in this project - to finish a project we've been wanting to get off our rear ends and make. So let's all be one happy knitting family, and cheer each other on in our quest to finish the Dream Swatch Headwrap.

But I'm glad you're here, snakes and eagles. It's fun to make friends from the other Houses!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Here are the Official Guidelines for the Knitalong:

  • If you want to join, e-mail with your Hogwarts name, your house, and your blog address.
  • We're knitting the "Dream Swatch Head Wrap" by Wendy Bernard.
  • If you don't want a head wrap, but still want to join us, consider making the pattern from a scarf (maybe with worsted-weight yarn, and a little wider), or do another one of Wendy's patterns. This Natty Cap & Scarf looks like a fun project with unisex appeal.
  • Start knitting on July 4, and aim to be done by the next round of Quidditch on July 16. Wear your new headwrap (or just wave it around) as you cheer on your House!
  • Post photos progress photos to your blog - this is a great way to help fulfill the regular posting requirement! We'll post regular group updates to this blog.
  • House Hufflepuff is offering some sort of prizes - more details on that later!
Now it's time to pick out your yarn, to be all ready for a nice long weekend (for the Americans) of knitting!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Welcome to House Hufflepuff's Dream Swatch Head Wrap Knitalong!

While chatting in our common room, Emerald Rosmerta and I discovered that we want to knit Wendy Bernard's Dream Swatch Head Wrap. So we decided to start a House Knitalong, and hope that Hogwarts students from all Houses will want to join in.

Need some get-up-and-go to get going on this fun and quick project? Join the knitalong!